Corrosion Protection products available for purchase from Kpr Adcor Inc.  WE STOP RUST!  TM  Toll free 1-866-577-2326.   Click on this link for our home page and online store Corrosion Protection VCI Emitters for electronics and all types of metals.  'We stop rust!' TM  Toll free 1-866-577-2326    Rust Corrosion Control VCI industrial plastic packaging   VCI Paper for Corrosion Protection Packaging     Antistatic Poly Bag Film and Tubes Click her to visit the site    Corrosion protection to all electronic contacts and electrical systems from oxidation and corrosion.  Protects metal surfaces from the the effects of corroding agents such as humidity, moisture, salts, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia or other corrosive catalysts. Daubert Cromwell - The Leading Name in Corrosion Protection

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor products available for purchase from Kpr Adcor Inc. Facilities are ISO9002 Compliant

             KPR ADCOR INC VCI pallet wrap in machine and hand wrap grades for corrosion protection.  Click on the picture.
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Electronic Corrosion Protection Device for Vehicles site has online ordering.


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Distributors of VCI Corrosion Control Protection

 Rick Talks about KPR & Non-Toxic VCI's  (875K)

The Company provide expertise in the following:

  • Corrosion Control Engineering System/Packaging Design
  • Services at your site for EXPORTERS and MANUFACTURERS
  • Equipment and parts preparation, packaging and chemical application service
  • World Class Corrosion Laboratory Services
  • Manufacturing and Production Corrosion Control Systems
  • Process/Chemical Engineering
  • Supply of Corrosion Inhibitors, Lubricants, Metalworking, Saw Blades, Abrasives, Packaging
  • Supply of Chemicals, Industrial/Commercial/Household Products
  • Food Service Supplies and Chemicals
  • Custom formulated solutions to prevent, remove and protect from CORROSION

Associations Groups and Members:

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)

Corrosion Prevention Associations and Focus Groups  

Canadian Exporters Network

Stop Rust with Daubert Cromwell VCIRemove rust from metals with safe biodegradable rust remover liquid! VCI Products   Daubert Cromwell VCI and corrosion protection products are available for purchase from Kpr Adcor Inc  1-866-577-2326    Rust Remover

VCI  Corrosion Protection Systems   

   Corrosion Protection VCI

KPR ADCOR INC. distributes corrosion preventative products that add value, extend the working life, reduce warranty claims, protect equipment, parts and electronic components from manufacturing to the ultimate delivery worldwide. 

KPR ADCOR INC. provide specialized services to industrial process and manufacturing companies in Ontario and North America.  Distributors and wholesalers of corrosion protection VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor  packaging, vci paper, vapor barrier foil laminates, chemical, VCI powder, VCI emitters & inserts, lubricants, process chemicals, water treatment formulations, coatings, rust remover, metalworking, corrosion protection for electronics & galvanic corrosion prevention, mothballing, additivesVCI systems and custom formulations to protect your valued investments.

We invite you to browse our pages and inquire about our specialized industrial, export shipping and consumer lines of products.  Visit our online store, VCI Store, VCI-Poly Store  or our Water Treatment Store to purchase selected items on the internet.


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